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A Custom Fabric Wrapped Mirror for an Interior Designer

3/31/2017 10:59:23 PM UTC

At Striving Artists we create all sorts of custom mirror styles. Some are intended to be used as a bathroom mirror or vanity mirror. Others more decorative mirrors can be used to open up space in a living room or dinning room. Bedroom mirrors tend to be used as dressing mirrors. And sometimes mirrors are just used as decoration to fill in an area where art may not be suitable. In this instance, an Interior Designer wanted something special for her client. She asked how she might get a zebra print on a frame without the cost of a hand finished faux paint design. Simply done, we wrapped a zebra print fabric on the outside of the frame. This is a design concept that is all too often overlooked. For a long time custom framers have used fabric wrapped liners that go inside of a frame. But, a wooden liner is not the only thing that can be wrapped in Custom Fabric. In the images shown, you will see that we started with a plain primed wooden frame. Custom Fabric was then bonded to a wrapped around the frame moulding. All edges were cut and wrapped, giving the piece a finished look from all angles. An enhancing fillet was installed in the frame opening to create contrast. We then fit a fresh new mirror into the frame. This special mirror is sure to be a beautiful enhancement to their custom designed room.
Requiring Extra Care: 100 year old needlepoint.

1/16/2017 8:42:00 PM UTC

Just prior to the holidays, a local customer came in with a large needlepoint. It was made by her grandmother and it was obvious that this was a valued family heirloom. What was also obvious, was its age. Stitched into the image was the name and date, 1914. When dealing with such old textiles several issues may arise. The fragility of the Muslin or mesh that the needlepoint is stitched onto is my number one concern. In this case we have two issues. First, the mesh was quite fragile, already showing signs of decay. Several areas had been previously torn and repaired. Second, the textile was significantly off square. This requires that the piece be stretched so it will lay flat, square and be pleasing to view in the frame. There was no salvage edge on this needlepoint. The edges had been folded and stitched by hand. This left me with the task of stitching the piece to a 4ply cotton rag backer that would hold the piece square and flat before applying to the floater board. I start by putting starter holes through the board approximately every inch. Then I can run a continuous stitch along each edge, going back to tighten them a little at a time. It's a long process, but the results are good, and the process is cautious. The hard work payed off, as the finished piece is now flat, squared off and secure. The cotton backing and natural cotton thread will do no further harm to the artwork and the piece is ready for handling and framing.
Modern Technology Creates a Vintage Design

11/30/2016 12:19:18 AM UTC

Contemporary computerized mat cutting machines have taken mat design to new levels. Now with our new sophisticated machine we can emulate a vintage pattern. In this case we worked on a photo from 1935, which had been removed from its original display backing. We've all seen these classic vintage photos that were originally bonded to a board that bear an embossed or drawn line that bordered the photo. Well, we can bring that look back into modern, acid free mats. Talk to us about creating interesting borders around your art and photos. Our designs can be cut, grooved or drawn directly onto the mat surface. Do you have old photos, which you'd want to bring to new life? Share this post with others so they can utilize modern technology.
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