A rainy day

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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Charlotte couldn’t have spun a more beautiful web. Framed with specially designed mat and gold pen drawings, this is definitely not a piece you want to save for a rainy day.

Elvis has left the building

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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Some time ago a client came to me with a very unique piece of history. To any other person, it would have only appeared to be a dirty old fragment of used floorboard, but to the owner, it was so much more.

A close friend of the client’s wife had been working with a construction company renovating the childhood home of world renowned singer and actor Elvis Presley. While renovating the old Mississippi house, a single piece of floor was saved and shipped back to California, because my client’s wife was from that town.

I was commissioned to appropriately display the floorboard in a deep white shadow box. The customer’s happiness was the biggest reward.

Questions We All Have: Why Is Framing So Expensive?

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Guess what is the cost of such 21″x26″ hand carved frame, covered with a 22 karat gold leaf. Send an email to pictureframing@strivingartists.com with your number and we’ll tell you how far apart your guess and real number.

The best way to answer question “Why Is Framing So Expensive?” is to talk to the third party, not to me. Here is online article on www.apartmenttherapy.com website with a very good reasoning.

Use caution while hanging your art

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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Do not use 3M Command self sticking strips to hang your art

It was a strange day in Striving Artists’ life. A customer brings in an art piece with broken glass. A frame fell from the wall. Why? Because she did not want a security hook to make a pin hole in her wall. She used “3M Command” self stick instead. You already know the result.
It was even more painful for her because she was just back from a dentist appointment.
In about half an hour another customer comes in with broken glass. This time glass was damaged during shipping from New York. It was very painful for this lady as well. You guessed it right: she was just back from a dentist appointment.
I didn’t even have a chance to start my lunch, as another customer came in with broken glass! He was rearranging the art on a wall and stepped on the frame. No, he didn’t go to the dentist today!
So, there are three lessons from today’s events.
First lesson: DO NOT USE 3M or ANY OTHER self sticks to hang your art. Buy security hooks from Striving Artists or any hardware store .
Second lesson: Hire a professional to package your art for shipping.
We can help you with this as well.

Third lesson: DO NOT WALK OVER FRAME! We CANNOT help you with this. Only YOU CAN!

Striving Artists Wins Prestigious Awards

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Striving Artists Framing and Art Services Wins Prestigious Awards, Celebrates 40 Years in Business

Chatsworth, CA, October 22, 2018 — Striving Artists won two awards at the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA), Golden Image Competition: “Gold” for fine art printing and a “Best in Show – Digital Creativity” prize. This achievement coincides with a major milestone for the company, as it celebrates 40th anniversary of being in business.

“I am very proud of Striving Artists’ team and our collaborators,” said Boris Smorodinsky, CEO of Striving Artists. “Our work was compared to the best in the world, and we came out on top. That’s quite an accomplishment!”

Nearly 100 companies from around the world entered the competition. “Winning the Gold and Best in Digital Creativity puts Striving Artists among the top specialty printers in the world in terms of quality and capability,” noted Johnny Shell, SGIA’s Vice President of Technical Services.

Established in 1978, Striving Artists is a small, family-owned company. It started by Karen and Russ Harris as a simple framing shop, providing most popular service at a time, “poster framing special”.

In 2006, Marina and Boris Smorodinsky acquired Striving Artists and transformed it into a full-service custom framing and art services provider. They realized the need for conservation grade framing and fine art reproduction and printing capabilities.

“Today, Striving Artists is a well recognized leader in the framing and printing industry,” said Marina Smorodinsky, Striving Artists President, “One of our customers put it very simple:”To Boris and Marina, you guys are the best. Thanks for all your services!”. We are honoring our customers in October during the Customer Appreciation Month.”

Striving Artists invites everybody to view the winning piece at their showroom (21723 Plummer Street, Chatsworth, CA) and get a personal tour of the facility.


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