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Poorly Mounted Kobe Jersey

Poorly Mounted Kobe Jersey: What Not To Do

Recently we received this Kobe jersey that had been purchased at auction. The customer immediately noticed some problems with the jersey and brought it to us for advise and possible re-framing. For many years I have warned clients and other framers about the use of adhesive transfer gum and plastic tabs for mounting valuable sport jerseys. As you can see in the photos both products had been used on this Kobe jersey. The plastic tabs are a quick and easy method that can be taught to beginners in the framing industry, and this is probably the appeal. However, they leave a visible impression on the face of the fabric. Not only does this affect the overall look of the framed jersey, but this impression will damage the fibers over time. I have seen these plastic tabs actually cut their way through fabrics after several years of constant pressure. As for the use of adhesive transfer gum (ATG), again, it is fast and easy to use. Though some are acid free, this does not automatically make it a conservation product. Products used to mount jerseys must be Removable. ATG, when removed by a solvent can become very soft and gooey, thus embedding it deeper into the fibers. It is also common that stitching threads may become attached to the ATG and begin to unravel the seems of the jersey when pulled. For this, and many other reasons, I suggest that such tapes not be used for sport jersey mounting.