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Bringing an Antique Back to Life.

A client came into the shop with her antique frame in pieces. All of the corners were dismantled and chipped away. Not sure if this could be repaired, she inquired if it were even possible. At Striving Artists, we get this request quite often. Not all items can be repaired, but we are adamant to give all repair requests our attention and make the best recommendation after a hands-on evaluation. In this case, we assured her that the frame can be rejoined and the ornamentation retouched. First noted was that the corner joints had warped over time. So, the first step was to shave the miters clean and true. Once the frame was reassembled, modeling compound was set into the broken sections. With a final touch of dyes, gilding creams and wax fillers, we were able to re-freshen this antique to the customer's appreciation.