Remembrance of the attack on Pearl Harbor

Design by Striving Artists, photography by Boris Smorodinsky

The most recognizable and poignant of military medals, The Purple Heart could be displayed alone and still carry a great deal of meaning, remembrance, and reflection. However, our goal was to anchor it in a specific moment of great national tragedy and create an homage to a date that will live in infamy.
Last year on the 75th remembrance of the attack on Pearl Harbor and all the souls lost that day, we created a memorial piece that expressed the somber concept of “infamy”.
Much like the sunken vessels that are still displayed today, as they were then, to illustrate the devastation of that day, we chose U.S.S. Oklahoma as the backdrop for this memorial piece.
We selected frame mouldings that emulate the oxidized and aged iron, as a metaphor for faded memories of those lost sailors. The shape of the frame was designed to imply the merging of a porthole and a star. A porthole, in conceptual terms, gives one the ability to envision the future or gaze upon the past. The star symbolizes the patriotic spirit that stands strong, reaching out in all directions.

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