Use caution while hanging your art

By June 3, 2018Update

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Do not use 3M Command self sticking strips to hang your art

It was a strange day in Striving Artists’ life. A customer brings in an art piece with broken glass. A frame fell from the wall. Why? Because she did not want a security hook to make a pin hole in her wall. She used “3M Command” self stick instead. You already know the result.
It was even more painful for her because she was just back from a dentist appointment.
In about half an hour another customer comes in with broken glass. This time glass was damaged during shipping from New York. It was very painful for this lady as well. You guessed it right: she was just back from a dentist appointment.
I didn’t even have a chance to start my lunch, as another customer came in with broken glass! He was rearranging the art on a wall and stepped on the frame. No, he didn’t go to the dentist today!
So, there are three lessons from today’s events.
First lesson: DO NOT USE 3M or ANY OTHER self sticks to hang your art. Buy security hooks from Striving Artists or any hardware store .
Second lesson: Hire a professional to package your art for shipping.
We can help you with this as well.

Third lesson: DO NOT WALK OVER FRAME! We CANNOT help you with this. Only YOU CAN!

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